. .soulful, operatic and awe-inspiring
. . . an absolutely spectacular musical work–
The Jazz Page.com

Constructed as meticulously as a Mozart symphony or a Steely Dan album, intricately synthesized from countless stylistic elements, VOCAbuLarieS may be unlike any album anyone has ever recordedRead more

A Watershed    Peder Karlsson, THE REAL GROUP

VOCAbuLarieS took seven years to put together, and it shows... it is one of the most complex albums ever constructed. Remarkably, it contains more than 1,400 vocal tracks recorded by over 50 top singers, individually or in small groups, before being assembled to create a virtual choir. The end result has that wow factor which signals an instant classic. A kaleidoscopic celebration of the human voice. JOHN EYLES, BBC

What a ground-breaking bring-all-peoples-of-the-earth together CD! This is so good that you could stand out in the intersection of 12th and Never and yell out..."Jesus, take me now!"  KIRBY SHAW

. . Imagine medieval plainchant, Bach chorales, hot gospel numbers, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Manhattan Transfer and the whole gamut of Californian harmony experts from Brian Wilson to the Fifth Dimension stirred into one melting pot and you’ll have some idea of its impact and reach...– RON ADAMS, THE SUNDAY HERALD SCOTLAND

a veritable symphony of voices . . . complex, cascading vocal arrangements creating expansive layers of sound   – PEOPLE MAGAZINE  
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