An impassioned educator and clinician, Roger has taught extensively in both the US and in every country in Europe, helping thousands of musicians of all ages  toward virtuosic musicianship and stylistic flexibility in all aspects of composing and arranging, developing vocal performance skills, integrating improvisation and world music techniques with traditional vocal pedagogy.

Workshops: one-day, weekend, or  week-long residencies available 

CircleSinging  is a workshop of musical skills-training which combines nearly every discipline of music – improvisation, composing, arranging, performing, teaching, conducting, theory, ear-training – into one integrated exercise.

The Rhythmic Foundation What makes a groove groove? How can you sing a groove as solid as a rhythm section can play one? Designed for singers/choral directors, Roger demonstrates how. LESS TALK . MORE RHYTHM. Come as you are…

Needle-Drop Architecture is a composition and arranging workshop that teaches the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic structures that clarify a piece of music and give it it’s distinctive voice, enough that it can be identified in a matter of beats or measures:
a “needle-drop”.

Vocal Jazz: Beyond The Borders This workshop shows choirs and conductors how to develop the elements and values that are at the core of the jazz language, helping vocal jazz export to the broader musical community.

Workshops with Culminating Concerts
  An Evening of Spontaneous Invention
A two-day (or week-long) CircleSinging workshop that culminates in an open performance, with Roger composing as you watch and listen, bringing every member of the circle into a cohesive whole.
Directed by Roger Treece

BLUE PLANET   The integration of musical vocabularies  from around the world
In a BLUE PLANET concert, you will hear Roger’s original choral music, a cross-fertilization of sounds and styles emanating from our connected cultures.
Roger Treece presents these concerts in collaboration with the world’s most accomplished choral ensembles.
Directed by Roger Treece

Genius, plain and simple.
Billy Childs

Magnificent. Off the scale. Roger has elevated the art of arranging.”
Gil Goldstein

Roger, it was such a pleasure to see and work with you again last week. The choir has not stopped talking about their experience with you and your music. You have made a profound positive impact on their lives and all of us are grateful for your time and wisdom. Thank you for your artistry!
John Goodwin, Principal Accompanist/Resident Conductor, , Chicago Children's Choir
 His sonic vision will help define what modern music critics deem contemporary Choral Composition at its very finest.
 Josephine Lee, Artistic Director, Chicago Children’s Choir

 “the best workshop - of not just vocal, not just jazz, but of any music workshop - we have ever had the privilege of attending. Thank you!
Lynda  Zorn, Kelowna, B.C. , Career music educator of 30 years


Roger offers individual or group Skype lessons: intensive sessions regarding voice, improvisation, or building musical fluency. 

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